This is actually pretty bright for a little USB bulb. Package says 5~6 watts.



I don’t really like direct light so I don’t know really where to use this.

It’s pretty bright though. I am impressed.


Reusable Clip-on Bag


I probably have at least 100 free reusable bags that I have gotten just shopping during some sort of promotion.

Places like Target and Whole Foods give you about 5-10 cents off every time you bring your own bag. ALDI makes you pay for their bags if you forget!

The problem with the bags you get from the stores is that you have to remember to bring them in. If you leave them in your car then you have to walk back to the parking lot to grab it. Ugh!

Well this DAISO bag has worked out the best for me so far. It’s light enough that you can carry it in your purse with no problems. I have 3 bags of different patterns to make it easier to track if I bring it over to a friend or relative’s house. 3 bags is probably overkill and you probably only need 2 but since I usually make multiple stops for my grocery shopping, I carry 3.


Keep in mind, I have no children, I don’t purchase heavy drinks, most of my bulk shopping is at Costco (they don’t bag anything, they just give you boxes), and I don’t travel far for buying cold items (no need to insulate).

What makes them better than the others?

Lightweight, easy to store, and strength.

Some cons?

Smaller than other reusable bags, they don’t stand up well if you set them on a flat surface, and they require a little more effort to fold back up and put back in your purse.

I still need those shopping bags to line my small trash cans so I still occasionally get plastic bags, but I only get them from specific places. Why? Because not all bags are equal.

My ranking of plastic bags:

Best Plastic Bags:

  1. Wine and alcohol stores. Typically alcoholic beverages come in glass or some heavy container so they have stronger bags.
  2. Target bags. They actually used to be better but it seems they have switched brands and they are not as good as they used to be. I will say, they have the best BIG bags. When you buy pillows or a Christmas bulky items, they give you a nice jumbo bag.
  3. Hmart bags. I find them to be better than most grocery stores.


Worst Plastic Bags:

  1. Home depot. Why so thin? why do you suck?
  2. Daiso. I know. Ironic.
  3. Tom Thumb. Can’t even buy two 2-Liters without double bagging.

Now I know this is just my personal ranking and it has to do with what stores I go to rather than the rest of the world. (I don’t shop at Walmart unless I absolutely have to)

What do you think? Who has good plastic bags?

I give the DAISO reusable bags an A+.

Cooling Soft Gel Headache Patch



Size: 5.1 x 2 inches

Qty: 5 sheets

Lasts up to 8 hours

These things are AWESOME – compared to the ice packs or frozen peas, these things stick to your forehead and stay there when you get up to pee or get something out of the fridge.

I leave them in the fridge so that it’s extra cold when I use them.

I highly recommend.


Fridge Magnet Hook


Up to 2 kg


up to 1 kg

Ok these are pretty handy. I feel like if I had to choose one of these, I would pick the 2 kg hook. But beware! The 2 kg hook doesn’t have as much space in between the hook and magnet so some wider items won’t hook on as well. I hang my pot holders and fly swatters on my fridge. Fly swatter had to go on the 1 kg because the hole on the swatter was wide.

Enjoy Travel – Cushion Eye Mask


So when you first see this…. what pops in your mind?

My thought is… it looks like a mini-bra.

Anywho besides the appearance, this item is actually pretty nice.

It is waaaay more comfortable than any eye mask I’ve used in the past.

I admit it looks a little ridiculous so you might be embarrassed on a plane, but as far as comfort, I give it a A+.

Antibacterial Mini-Net Cleaner


This item SUUUUUCKS.

I took this photo awhile back and finally used it recently.

It’s like a soft sponge that has no scrubbing power. I actually think a plain sponge would work better than this crappy thing.

It might be nice for cleaning tables or sinks that do not need scrubbing power.

I don’t have any use for this so I give two thumbs DOWN.

One-Touch Catch for Pole


So this seems like a general item that you might find elsewhere.

But I decided to post this because I do use this item frequently.

Also the price is better than other stores.

It just works very well.

I sweep at least once a week and I have been using this to secure my broom by the laundry room.

Also I figured out that I can use this for fishing poles. (Probably use upside down since the thinner top part of the pole will just wiggle around)

Just a real easy simple product.

Musubi Maker and Roasted Seaweed

When I think of MUSUBI I think about some delicious SPAM!

This is a VERY delicious snack for anyone! Not just the Japanese or the Hawaiians.

I don’t know why it is not popular in the states because it DEFINITELY should be.

I was stoked when I saw the MUSUBI MAKER at my Daiso!


Musubi Maker


They sell the roasted seaweed at Daiso! It’s already the perfect size!

I have tried different variation and here is the best version I came up with.

Things you need:

  • Musubi Maker
  • Roasted Seaweed
  • One can of SPAM(any variety is fine but I prefer the reduced sodium)
  • Eggs (At least 2 depending on how big of a batch you want to make)
  • Soy sauce and Sugar (optional to marinate your SPAM to be more flavorful. Use a 1:1 ratio)
  • About 4 sliced pieces of cheese (like Kraft 2% singles)
  • Furikake (Optional. Usually this is a must but some ‘white people’ don’t care for this)
  • Cooked rice (you don’t need as much as you think. about 2 cups.)

Just follow the instructions on the package (if you choose to marinate the SPAM, make sure you cut up the SPAM first, then marinate for about 15 minutes, then grill)


For cooking the eggs, look at my previous post Daiso Frying Pan for Eggs. I just use sugar and salt for my eggs. You don’t have to use Mirin unless you happen to have some. The SPAM is the star of this dish anyways.

Put the cooked eggs, SPAM, and cheese (furikake optional) between the rice, press with the pressing plate and SHAZAM – you’ve got SPAM Musubi!

I make a batch of about 8 rolls (16 if you cut in half) at once and wrap them in saran wrap to save for later.

This is like crack. So good. (without life-ruining addiction)

Ear Pick


For Japanese and American/European Ears


For Japanese Ears only

First let me begin by pointing out that I have used the manila colored bamboo ear picks my whole life. It is much more effective than q-tip AND you are not even suppose to stick q-tips into your ears (look at the packaging next time).

I don’t think these ear picks should be labeled for Japanese or American/European since plenty of my white friends like the flat ear pick.

Now I tried the black ear picks and I found that both the honey comb and flat ends were not as good as the manila bamboo ear pick.


Because the black one is flimsy. bendy. It also feels kind of smooth so it doesn’t grab onto the wax in your ears.

To be honest, I think the honey combs shape is good. I have a metal version of the honey comb pick that I bought from an Asian grocery store and they are actually pretty great.


Similar to this. (Not sold at Daiso)

They are a little more difficult to clean off but I still like it. I think I paid about $4?

In conclusion, the manila bamboo ones are great for $1.50. I prefer the metal honey comb but I’m sure it differs from person to person.

Another thing to note:

Japanese people usually have dry ear wax (or “hard” ear wax) because of a certain gene they carry. This also has a large effect on body odor!

Check this video out!

Christmas Beading Kit – Wreath

Well, this was a lot harder than I thought.

The diagram in the kit is actually well written considering how difficult this is. (Although some people might disagree)

I had to redo quite a bit and it was especially confusing towards the end.

I recommend you do this in one sitting since you can forget how far you have gone once you break.


I did not pay attention to the level of difficultly listed on the bottom. 2.5 out of 3 stars.

Time required: 2 hours or longer. (If you finish this under two hours and you have not done any bead work before – YOU ARE AMAZING)

The finished product is pretty great.

Only problem is that now I have to wait another 11 months before I can carry it around now.